Sandy Beach Bag


This design was inspired Sandys birthday and Accidental Landscapes by Karen Eckmeier. I whipped this up this morning to take with me to a birthday party.

I’ve got one quilt on the quilt frame and a wall hanging under the needle on the sewing machine. With all this I still don’t see a difference in the closet yet.


Giving Some Away


Today I’m letting some fabric go to a good home. I’m also letting go of some of those nagging feelings; you should make something out of this.

Several items in my closet were given to me. I love it when people share with me, but I don’t always love the items received. I sound like an ungrateful wretch. I am grateful. However, if I don’t love the fabric it will languish on the shelf indefinitely.

So today I’m sharing some things that don’t speak to me in that seductive little whisper. Hopefully these items will be just what Brittany has been looking for and they will spark enthusiasm and creativity.

Need thread

I went to the fabric store yesterday because I needed thread for this next project. I know to you’re thinking that a woman with a closet full of fabric must surely have drawers full of thread. You would be correct in your assessment. However, I didn’t have anything in the right shade of variegated green.

So off to the fabric store went I. You’ll be pleased to know I came home with thread. Well, and some batting (coupons and discounts), and some stickers. But that’s all. Oh, and some chocolate.



#2 Hugs for Navy Grad


Project number two complete. You’ll be pleased to know I finished this with 4 days to spare. I’m pretty proud of getting things done on time.

I used the flag dimensions from and rounded them off a bit. if you’re interested I will give you info for the”pattern”.

Because graduation from Navy boot camp is limited to immediate family, I will be sending my congratulations and hugs via quilt.



Post project closet. I’m not really seeing a difference yet. My friends are doubtful that I will complete this goal. Some have expressed concern… What will you do if the closet is empty?

Next up…. Finishing a project that has been lingering on the shelf.

Quilt show…..oops

The goal is to use up what I’ve already got. That goal would seem to imply that there is, so far, no need to add to the pile. But, last Saturday was the quilting and craft show. Even though the show was a little sparse this year I managed to find a couple things I couldn’t live without.


Yep, more fabric. I believe I’ve already confessed my thing for airplane fabric. The other is a piece from Quilting Treasures “Let Freedom Ring” collection. Just happens I know a special young lady who will be graduating from Navy boot camp soon. (The quilt top is almost finished.)

This also reminds me that Quilts of Valor would be a great place to share some of my stash. I have discovered there is plenty of red, white and blue buried in the pile.

Now that I’m putting a little energy towards this project, the ideas are just rolling in.

#23 Sew or Give Away Everything in my Stash



My daughter recently shared a link for mighty girl, which prompted me to start making a list of things to do. #23 sew or give away all the items in this closet.

I’m hoping this will be a short term project. but I’m not entirely sure I want to put a time limit on it. This will give you a chance to follow along and see what kind of great projects I come up with. ┬áThe starting picture is from November 3, 2012.

I welcome project ideas, organizational tips, and feedback.