Inspiration Strikes!

I have been inspired this week by some clever people. Beautiful and organized shelves creating an inviting workspace.

To improve my organization and make putting my hand on things easily I headed to my favorite fabric/craft store with ideas aplenty and coupons in hand. Photo boxes are so inexpensive and much cuter than the plain cardboard boxes or plastic tubs.

I found several boxes as well as some clever little ribbon holders. Next a trip to Goodwill for some additional storage containers. Some of these will require a little creative covering, but for a dollar our less, I couldn’t pass them up.

At this moment I’ve made more of a mess than anything. I’m sure it will get better shortly.  Sorting through the boxes had been interesting. Pretty sure there will be some discards here as well.

Of course I was at the fabric store, so, of course there was just one little bit that had to come home with me. Just one piece, and the webbing and thread needed to finish my latest project.


Airplanes. You know I couldn’t resist. I have just about finished a great project to mail off to my Dad. More photos to follow.

This is the condition of the boxes to sort out, this is the before picture. When I’m finished with this sorting project the closet will look amazing. Stay tuned.



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