A Package for Dad

I should really do this in the other order, but I’m testing the theory that my dad actually reads this. Spoiler Alert! Dad, if you want to be surprised when your package arrives, stop reading right now!

Oftentimes, when making garments, it’s just as easy to make two as it is to make one. Fabric can be stacked for cutting and the project becomes rather an assembly line. I would make simple knit pants and tops for my daughter three and four at a time. It’s fun when all the pieces are so small. So, Dad, after waiting all this time and dropping such clever hints, you have not one, but two shirts coming your way.


Of course I couldn’t forget Chris, so I whipped up one of my favorite projects, the quilted tote. I carry a huge satchel with me to work everyday as a combination purse, lunch sack and flight bag. A ring on the outside to attach keys so one doesn’t lose them in the bottom. This bag is made from the remnants of a shirt I made for my daughter a few years ago.


So I’m off to the post office today. You should see these by weeks end. Hope you love everything as much as I do. Love to you as well.

How does the closet look after my crafty organization and all of this production? The change is now very apparent. It is motivating!



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