Spring Time in Arizona


It’s Spring Time in Arizona and the flowers are blooming! The temperatures are still cool here in the desert and we are taking advantage of the weather to enjoy outdoor activities. I have been potting flowers… Image

Traveling and running. Spring break in Mexico was just right…Image

A trip to Austin to run with my daughter. She has inspired me to set and achieve some fitness goals over this last year that I didn’t think were possible. We’ve both got a 1/2 marathon under our belts. This run was a ten mile jaunt through the Texas capital. Image

So, what has become of the closet you ask? Well, there are a few projects in the works. The best one is packaging up a box of fabric to send to a reader. Thank you for responding. Your box is packed and will be on it’s way shortly!Image

There is a little furniture redux going on in the garage… pictures as we are more complete. A huge quilt project with plenty of itty bitty pieces which may take me 100 years to finish… and experimenting with a technique I was reading about recently.Image

As the temperatures increase I will be inclined to spend more time indoors and the closet will get much more attention.