Tubs ‘o’ Wonder

Tubs ‘o’ Wonder are those plastic storage bins that I often purchase in the hopes of being more organized and less cluttered. These usually lead to the wonder… Wonder what made me save that…wonder what is in this box… Wonder what possessed me to buy this plastic bin which is just opaque enough that I cannot tell what it contains, when there are so many other attractive storage options.


You will note neatly organized bins in the above photo. These bins become a catch-all for unfinished projects and various other things I’m loathe to part with or just don’t know what to do with yet.

Out of theĀ  depths of bin number two came a partially made quilt project. This started as a class sample for a quilt as you go technique, and didn’t get too far beyond that. Originally this was to be queen sized, and therefore the blocks had to be reordered to be crib sized. You know I had to make a coordinating diaper bag. (no gift wrap required.)



There are several blocks remaining which will wait in a tub until further inspiration strikes.


Next up a tote for my sister who has been eyeing a piece of fabric on the shelf with extreme interest, and another baby quilt. (most of my coworkers are in their twenties and starting families.) I’ll start those right after a little trip to the beach.


Technical Difficulties

I started this post days ago, but somehow in all of my amazing technical skills managed to delete instead of edit. This, of course, caused all manner of frustration and kicking of inanimate objects, and other such mature and professional expressions of flusterdigitation (yes, made that word up) that I have avoided sitting down to re-post. Or perhaps that is post again for the first time.

While the weather is still quite bearable outdoors, I’ve had a few occasions that warranted some hand made giftiness. The first event was the wedding of two good friends who happen to be pilots and co-workers. Naturally this called for something to be made from my massive pile of fabrics featuring airplanes.




His and hers matching aprons so that they can whip up some cupcakes in style. So much fun.

While I was at the fabric store in search of bias binding for the apron…. I found some fold over elastic that makes terrific hair ties. I’ve seen these in the stores for unreasonably high prices considering the price of elastic and the simplicity of knot tying. I have really enjoyed this quick and easy project, they hold very well. Cut the elastic long enough that you could slip it comfortably around your wrist after tying the knot.



And… did I mention I went to the fabric store? Sigh. Yes, I found the most adorable fabric, with airplanes on it! I know, big surprise here.


It seems the closet has reached a certain level of equilibrium. As much as it seems that I take things out, it seems I keep putting things in. 20130508_101555