Record Breaking Heat

It is Phoenix, it is the desert, we do expect the heat. However, the first week of temperatures well above 110F (43C) kind of knocks you for a loop. I work outdoors in an un-airconditioned environment. When it gets this hot I stay inside when I can. Sewing has been my refuge from the heat and I’ve completed a few little projects.

New Shorts! Well who doesn’t need new shorts when it’s this hot. These are my favorites for lounging around the house and sitting in front of the sewing machine. They are rather sad.


Yes, worn out and paint covered. So I took my shears and cut them up to make a pattern for some new shorts.


This worked with great success. The new shorts have the same great feel as the old ones but look a bit nicer and have the bonus of not having to worry that your drawers will fall apart while you’re wearing them.


If you are thinking of trying this, don’t forget to add a bit to your pattern for seam allowances. I literally cut the shorts apart, rather than unseaming them. If you’d like to adjust the size a bit, this is the time.

I also made another of these 49ers bags. This one is a little larger as it will be deployed as a diaper bag. I also added a little button fastener.


Being on a roll, I decided to try out a smaller cross body bag. My sister is loving my experiments with 49er fabric. Come football season she will be all decked out for the games.


And I shipped out the totes to their new homes. I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself this week.

The closet is looking pretty good too. No new additions. Stacks are fractionally smaller.


I would welcome any ideas you have for projects. Do you know any groups that would appreciate donated fabric?

Stay cool!

My Sister is a Clown

Seriously. My sister is a clown. She’s known as Lavender Lolly¬†and she entertains youngsters and grown ups with fantastic face and body painting.



She also does theater make up, weddings and some scary special effect type make up. I’ve been a clown assistant (yes I make balloon animals… snake! worm! sword! eel! you get the idea) and occasional model. This was done for a competition. The jewels are all painted on.



Spoiler Alert! Lisa, if you don’t want to see your birthday present, please look no further!

I promise to get it into the mail very soon!

So I made a fabulous new tote bag for my amazing sister.

20130623_162402 20130623_162652


I quilted it with metallic thread, added glitter on the letters and of course sparkle trim. Really there is no such thing as too much glitter. Inside I added big pockets because it helps to be an organized clown.

20130623_120558 20130623_120522


I have several other projects in the works… details coming soon. Meanwhile I think a little trip to the craft/fabric store for some gold trim as I am short just that much for the next project.

I might be seeing a tad bit of a difference in the closet.

closet 6 24

Pressing Matters

Let me just start out by saying that I am not an avid fan of ironing my clothes. While there is a certain satisfaction one gets watching the wrinkles disappear… It’s just not enough to motivate me. Knowing that my boss would appreciate a crisply pressed uniform doesn’t do it either.

That being said, my ironing board and iron are set up and ready to use at a moments notice. Sewing and quilting do require pressing. Therefore I use my iron quite frequently; hence the ready position.

One of the great mysteries of irons is the mucky gunk the decides to spew forth at the most inopportune times. Usually when you’re late to work and pressing yesterdays uniform to make it look fresh and to “sanitize” it since you failed to do laundry and this was the best choice of the lot.

After the iron performed this magic the other day, thankfully not on my navy blue pants, the ironing board cover was destroyed. Having plenty of fabric on hand, I whipped up a new one.




I am not entirely sure, but I think the closet is looking more full instead of more empty. Perhaps a new law of physics: fabric expands to fit the space provided.


Go Niners!

I mentioned my sister had designs on a piece of fabric in the stash residing in the closet… She casually mentioned how this fabric might make the best bag ever… So I found some sparkly metallic thread and quilted it up…


Then, whipped up a tote for my lovely sister.


The trip to the store for gold ribbon and black webbing for the handle resulted in my purchasing absolutely nothing extra. This could technically qualify as a miracle; an unexplainable suspension of the laws of nature.

The inside pocket, yes my sister rated an inside pocket, used a 7 inch zipper I had on hand as well.


Go Niners!

Besides the next baby quilt that is cut out, I’m thinking seriously of selling some yardage on Etsy. Has anyone tried selling on Etsy? I’d love some feedback.