Record Breaking Heat

It is Phoenix, it is the desert, we do expect the heat. However, the first week of temperatures well above 110F (43C) kind of knocks you for a loop. I work outdoors in an un-airconditioned environment. When it gets this hot I stay inside when I can. Sewing has been my refuge from the heat and I’ve completed a few little projects.

New Shorts! Well who doesn’t need new shorts when it’s this hot. These are my favorites for lounging around the house and sitting in front of the sewing machine. They are rather sad.


Yes, worn out and paint covered. So I took my shears and cut them up to make a pattern for some new shorts.


This worked with great success. The new shorts have the same great feel as the old ones but look a bit nicer and have the bonus of not having to worry that your drawers will fall apart while you’re wearing them.


If you are thinking of trying this, don’t forget to add a bit to your pattern for seam allowances. I literally cut the shorts apart, rather than unseaming them. If you’d like to adjust the size a bit, this is the time.

I also made another of these 49ers bags. This one is a little larger as it will be deployed as a diaper bag. I also added a little button fastener.


Being on a roll, I decided to try out a smaller cross body bag. My sister is loving my experiments with 49er fabric. Come football season she will be all decked out for the games.


And I shipped out the totes to their new homes. I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself this week.

The closet is looking pretty good too. No new additions. Stacks are fractionally smaller.


I would welcome any ideas you have for projects. Do you know any groups that would appreciate donated fabric?

Stay cool!


2 thoughts on “Record Breaking Heat

  1. Bags and matching purse, eye glasses case, cell holders, over the door organizers, etc. I’m working on my Ministry Projects which includes Four Floor Quilts for Childercare Providers, and other projects made from fabrics. It would be A Blessing for me. Hope all is well. Your latest project looks great. Mtetar

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