A Little Something out of the box….

This all started when I pulled one of my favorite tee shirts from the closet and realized that it was pretty well worn out.  Ratty. Pilled. Stretched. And yet, it remains one of my favorite shirts. So. I said to myself. “Self, you’re pretty clever and have the technology. Why don’t you take the shirts you never wear from the closet and remake them into the same style as your favorite?” Being the clever girl that I am, I answered myself “sounds like a brilliant idea.” And so, this project begins.

Since this blog is dedicated to the using up or giving away all of the fabric in my sewing closet, technically this inspiration was going to stay in my own personal smugfest and self-congratulatory thoughts. But it did get me started. Should I discover some talent for tutorials I will include a link to it here. But so far I’ve discovered I’m quite good at working things out but not that great and working out the steps to share with others.

Basically, using my fav shirt as a rough estimate of a pattern, I cut down the large, shapeless shirts into something that is a bit more fitted. I started with a couple of old and paint spattered shirts. That way there is no emotional attachment and therefore it is no big deal if the project goes tragically wrong.  A couple notes, if you decide to try this: Don’t forget seam allowances. Not all knits are created equal – check the stretch. If it doesn’t stretch as much as the original, leave a little extra room.

20130806_090517 20130806_090636 20130807_163906 20130807_16571420130807_17035720130806_09075920130807_172716

Ok, so you get the general idea. The new shape fits just like my favorite, making these shirts so much better than just painting shirts. Note for a deep v neck you will probably cut into the design. Glowing with the success of this project I decided to look into one of the “Wonder Boxes” in the closet. I discovered several things. Yes that is a big black hairy thing in there… Just a Halloween wig and witches hat. Phew20130810_061343I also discovered this….


A substantial pile of tee-shirt fabric. Much of this is left over from a Tee Shirt quilt I made for my sister. Upon further investigation I discovered a couple of complete shirts. Really. Where does this stuff come from?

20130810_094530There were two shirts like this, one in green and this in black. Cute design… so of course I redid one of them. I’m not sure I need two shirts like this. 20130810_094621I’m really looking forward to wearing this now.

What to do with all of the rest of it….Then I thought of it. A new bathroom rug! I don’t actually have any latch hook canvas, but I do have the latch hook. A little internet investigation led me to this great tutorial. Note she says she wished she’d used a towel that matched? The towel will show in bits, so make sure you use a coordinating color. I didn’t see any reason to use a triple stitch, it’s slow to sew and really not essential. So I just used a straight stitch. I cut up all the scraps from the pile. The remains of the remodeled shirts and a couple extra ratty white undershirts. These pieces are cut roughly, you can use scissors if you want to sit in a cozy chair and watch a movie, or you can use your rotary cutter for a speedy cut. I did not use the straight edge – just eyed it and cut away. When it’s put together you’ll never know. The strips are around 4′ long – again, that’s rough. The tutorial instructions worked great.


Voila! A squishy absorbent rug for the bath. I like it so well I think I will make some more.

There is a marked difference in the volume of stuff in the tub… while the closet almost looks like it’s got more in it. I must be fluffing up the stacks when I root around for the next project…. I’m sure that’s it.

20130811_180129 20130811_180209


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