Things I Learned his Week

1. Big Lots has fabric. Who knew?


2. Pre-cut strips make things go fast! This is the first time I’ve used them; I’m a fan. (Sneak preview)


3. When altering patterns, one should consider actually measuring rather than just eyeing and saying “that should do it!”


4. It’s just as easy to make two as one.


5. Tracing your favorite old shorts onto an actual shorts pattern makes it easier to use, store, and most importantly, find again for future use. Same old shorts can then be humanely sent to live a future life as a rug. (As can the new short scraps.)


6. When you are strictly trying to use what you have there comes a time when what you have doesn’t work as well as what might be purchased. A solid background for this upcoming quilt would be better, this is what I have. Please help me with this dilemma: 1. Purchase fabric to make the most beautiful combination. 2. Use what I have because it’s ok, and the goal is to use what you have.


6. Procrastination will catch up with you. I did finish. Yesterday.  I leave tomorrow. Tons of time left! I did have weeks to complete what took me half a day to do. Sigh. Here’s a sneak peak, more after the gift is received.


7. File boxes probably contain mostly junk that can be shredded. One $7 thrift store file cabinet. One emptied bin. One organized space.



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