Visiting Dad

Visiting Florida is like spending a week at the spa,  especially when you live in Arizona. The balmy air and humidity does wonderful things for my skin and my curls. The lush greenery and swampy landscape are refreshing.


Dad and I had time for great conversation, which I treasure. You’ll see him here, looking sharp in his new birthday shirt.


I also found a really great quilt shop. I spent hours in here. If you’re in the area it is worth a visit. You know they
had something I couldn’t resist. I was so tickled with this find that I snapped a photo as soon as I got to the car to share with my daughter. We love to shop together even when we’re miles apart; we chat on the phone while we shop, and swap pictures. It holds us together until we get a chance to do it in person.


Now that I’m home and unpacked I’ll get back to the sewing room. Oh, one more small confession before I go…. I just wasn’t loving the background I had for this project in flannel…


So, since it was on sale…I got a little of this:


Which really makes me happy with this project. My daughter reminded me that having fabrics that really appeal make you much more enthusiastic to finish a project.

There is no change in the closet as this weeks purchases are still on the cutting table. This could be cheating.


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