Fall Flannel

Even in Arizona we are getting into the spirit of fall. Sunny skies and temperatures in the 90°s; evenings cool enough to leave the windows open. With these chilly evenings it’s comfortable to turn the oven on without the air conditioner working overtime. last night I made pumpkin cake with apple slices and caramel.


Flannel is also much more interesting when it cools off. I haven’t found a way to put together a quilt without holding part of it in my lap. This is a snuggle size quilt I made for a friend who has had yet another surgery and facing some recovery time.


I used the pattern found herehttp://www.allpeoplequilt.com


The closet is looking quite well. Organized, manageable, and workable.


You might notice I’m in the process of covering the box of patterns. Cardboard boxes look very nice covered in fabric. This fabric was originally made into a shower curtain; after a little bathroom redo the curtain was retired. I’m loving the results here.

If you are very observant, you will notice that some stacks are actually larger after a project is complete. How can this be? I must tell you that not all fabric lives in this closet all the time. I don’t hide fabric around the house, although many people do, I just tend to keep fabric where I think I might use it. So a big chunk was in the garage trying to be a complete upholstery project. Alas, I did not love the results and that fabric has been banished to the garage until I found a new home for it. Here’s a sneak peak.



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