Spending Too Much Time in the Loo

I was so successfully diverted by my laundry room makeover that I decided the red bathroom had to be done too. This is small hallway bathroom was done in a lovely and overpowering dark brick satin finish paint. The result was a dark and forbidding room, especially as there are no windows in this room.

The wall mounted medicine chest was the first thing to go. It extended into the already limited space and did little to offer more storage. Besides the style is rather dated. This meant I needed to learn a little drywall technique… which thanks to the handy guys at work and a few pointers from the nice folks at Home Depot and some internet research… turned out to be not too difficult. Mind I was working on a 18 x 24 inch space. I would feel differently about tackling and entire room.

A gallon of primer, and three coats of paint later… the red had finally receded. I know now why red is the color associated with the devil. Followed by a soft buttery color (Cozy Cottage), and some new cabinet hardware.

Pinterest gave me the brilliant idea to glue a frame to the plain mirror. Simple, inexpensive and a massive upgrade to the look. I recommend you find someone who has the tools to cut these boards for you, my boss took pity on me and did a fantastic job.

A visit to a vintage sale, a junk shop and my kitchen cupboards for decorative storage along with some spray paint finished things up. The entire project including towels and shower curtain was less than $200. 

I did also manage to finish the rewrite of my manuscript and submit it to an editor. Fixing mistakes is much harder than writing in the first place. Like painting over red, it seems like you have to keep going back time after time. Fingers crossed.

Now, back to the sewing room. I have a little quilt I’m working on.


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