One Year Later…

I can’t believe it’s been a year.  In that time I’ve started a new job flying for a regional airline, moved twice, lived in three states, driven half-way across the country twice. I’ve flown into about half the states, including Hawaii as well as Canada and Mexico for work or fun.

I have settled a bit in Palm Springs, found my computer and more importantly found my password, a couple of sewing machines and one box of fabric. So, while the closet itself is gone, the goal to use up all that fabulous stash in the closet, has not changed.

My first goal is to use what is in the box. Mostly cotton flannel and a couple random pieces of quilting cotton. As we all know, it is impossible to finish a project without bu2015-12-10 12.52.54ying more fabric. I don’t know why it is the rule, but it is. There are a couple fabric stores here, and by that I mean about two. That does not slow me down, plenty of damage can be done in two fabric shops. And, there are a couple places where we layover that have some cute shops near the hotels. I submit evidence A. Strictly purchased with the intent of finishing said items in the box. Don’t let the quantity fool you, no ma’am, this is not frivolous purchasing after such a long drought.

2015-12-10 12.55.57The airplane fabric at center was a piece I picked up in Colorado and sadly, nothing in the box coordinated. Likewise for the navy background flannel. You know when I discover any fabric with an airplane motif that it must become mine…. so, some coordinating dots and solids, a couple more bits with planes and I can begin to finish.

Nothing is finished yet, but I have three quilt tops, two are pinned and ready for quilting and a forth is planned out and ready to stitch.

There is no real appreciable difference in the volume of fabric in the box, but I can really see an improvement in my attitude.  It feels like I’ve come home.

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