Distraction Project (a.k.a. Creative Avoidance)

Whenever I feel pressure to complete a task I, basically, freak out. Generally, this is best noted by the creative ways in which I can distract myself from achieving said goal, and occasionally by a full blown 2-year-old-style hissy fit. So… I mentioned that I sent my book to a publisher and an editor…. The editor liked it! And, she wants a re-write. This is incredible news. It is not a rejection. Amazing. So, instead of writing, I’ve been painting. I know. Pathetic. I have to say, painting this room was on the to-do list, just way down the list.

It all started with a trip to a couple of my favorite stores, Hobby Lobby and Home Depot. It should be against the law to visit both stores in one day. Plus, I keep seeing all these great ideas from Found This Painted That. The Laundry Room Makeover is complete.

I picked up this tray at the thrift store for a dollar or two that needed some help… So I painted the bottom with chalk board paint. It’s so cute now! I need some chalk so I can write inspirational messages to myself.






Painted the walls, the trim, the door and hung my cute new hooks on the walls and voila! I also learned an important paining tip. The trim may look white, but it’s actually not just plain white. Many of you are shaking your heads at me, the rest will try it yourself and realize. I ended up with Swiss Coffee and it looks beautiful with the Cozy Cottage walls.1398869445660


Ok, I’m going to work on the book. Right now.

A Fine Day for Procrastination

There are just two weeks left of NaNoWriMo. You’d think I’d be frantically typing away at my ‘Great American Novel’. Instead, I’m resting on my 45,225 words and procrastinating about the rest. While this annual competition, scratch that, event, challenges the writer to complete 50,000 words, reading submission guidelines tells me 50,000 is woefully short. Sigh. So, I’m working to write an actual, full sized, adult novel, not stopping at 50,000 because that is the challenge, but stopping when it’s really decent. Good, I don’t know.

To that end, of course, I’m procrastinating. In a very creative way, but procrastinating all the same.

I was inspired by http://foundthispaintedthat.wordpress.com/. When my friend asked did I want a pile of spray paint she decided not to use, I said: YES! I’ve been spritzing up all kinds of fun stuff.

This little shelf was a thrift store find priced under three dollars. Originally a dirty chipped white, I sprayed on a bit of mocha colored spray paint, then rasped around the edges for a distressed look. The white paint made the ‘antiquing’ easier. It’s perfect in the sewing room. I pulled some wooden spools out of one of the boxes in the closet to display.



I’ve been saving jars that have an interesting shape, thinking that one day I’ll find a use for them. I painted the lid, glued on a large bead for interest and scrubbed off the label. The most difficult part of this job is getting the glue off the jar. These will make perfect Christmas gifts filled with a sugar scrub or bath salts or candy or hot cocoa mix or…



Now I have only a few minutes left to write before I get ready to go to work. Excellent job procrastinating.

Things I Learned his Week

1. Big Lots has fabric. Who knew?


2. Pre-cut strips make things go fast! This is the first time I’ve used them; I’m a fan. (Sneak preview)


3. When altering patterns, one should consider actually measuring rather than just eyeing and saying “that should do it!”


4. It’s just as easy to make two as one.


5. Tracing your favorite old shorts onto an actual shorts pattern makes it easier to use, store, and most importantly, find again for future use. Same old shorts can then be humanely sent to live a future life as a rug. (As can the new short scraps.)


6. When you are strictly trying to use what you have there comes a time when what you have doesn’t work as well as what might be purchased. A solid background for this upcoming quilt would be better, this is what I have. Please help me with this dilemma: 1. Purchase fabric to make the most beautiful combination. 2. Use what I have because it’s ok, and the goal is to use what you have.


6. Procrastination will catch up with you. I did finish. Yesterday.  I leave tomorrow. Tons of time left! I did have weeks to complete what took me half a day to do. Sigh. Here’s a sneak peak, more after the gift is received.


7. File boxes probably contain mostly junk that can be shredded. One $7 thrift store file cabinet. One emptied bin. One organized space.