Closet: Worse Than Ever

O.K. It’s official. I am never going to get to the bottom of this closet. I am trying. Honest. Lately I’ve taken on a few challenges and the closet has again become a great place to stack, stuff and bury crafty things.aug2

Aside from crafting, and working, I decided to take the ATP written test.  The FAA has changed regulations that will make getting an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate more expensive in the future. So, I jumped on the let’s-take-this-test-before-the-end-of-the-month band wagon. This involved a fair amount of studying and stress. Just to make it a bit more challenging, I  previously scheduled a trip to Texas which cut into the time available to complete the test. All in all, it resulted in a couple sleepless nights, a tiny bit of crankiness, and a passing test result. Phew.

The revisions to my novel that the editor requested were finally completed. Editing is so much harder to do than writing. Sitting down to write is even harder. It was a relief to send it back to the editor.

Getting the test and edits out of the way made travelling that much more fun. San Antonio was the site of the Romance Writers of America national conference. Motivating, inspirational and just down right awesome. It was like Nora Roberts was speaking directly to me when she said, “Quit fucking around and sit down and write.”  There was an opportunity to meet with editors and agents to pitch our books.  Pitching your book is terrifying and exciting. Again, I have received what I consider good news, “let’s see” – not a rejection.

2014-08-03 14.43.35 One thing that makes it ‘The Great State of Texas’ is that my daughter lives there. What can be better than to play tourist with my baby girl. We had such a lovely time while we managed to visit most of the items on the top ten things to see and do in San Antonio. There was also some serious work done on Tex-Mex food, margarita’s and cupcakes. Of course we took a selfie with the Alamo!

Lest you think I have completely neglected the sewing room; I did finish a quilt for one of the pilots I fly with. Making quilt was especially meaningful for me, as he just finished his Instructor Rating. This is what a happy successful applicant looks like with his happy instructor. (Upgrading from two stripes to three.)2014-08-03 15.27.49 And the baby quilt featuring airplanes, naturally.20140802_085540


Skirting the Issue

Friday I leave for Big D (little a, double l, a, s) to spend some much needed time with my lovely daughter. When we get together we love to play tourist. We will be exploring the cultural highlights of Dallas: the presidential library, the JFK Museum, The Katy Trail, and of course Billy Bob’s. If you Google top Dallas Attractions you will find a list of possibilities for us. Oh, don’t forget Six Flags!

Naturally, when I head out on vacation I wanted some fresh things to wear. You never know when you’ll meet a handsome cowboy. So to that end I’ve whipped up a couple skirts to wear.



The yoke detail is a collar that was crocheted by my great grandmother. It’s been in a box on the sewing shelve for years (probably 50) so I thought I would put it to use. I’ve tacked it on by hand so it can easily be removed. I thought it was interesting for texture and detail. Yes the hem is a raw serged edge. Because it adds interest. You know you would buy it this way even if you would complain about the unfinished quality.


This skirt is just begging to be worn with my cowboy boots. You know it. I’ll post some pictures from our trip so you can see how these worked out.


The inspiration for these skirts came from Pinterest. These links will help you make your own skirt pattern. I use a ready made pattern and modify the lines using these measuring tips. No Hem Skirt, How to Draft and Sew a Skirt

This project made a nice dent in the sewing closet and saved money on a travel wardrobe.