First, let me say how stunned I am when I look at just how long it’s been since I’ve been here. Things have been great, busy, exciting, and just a little terrifying. In a good way.

In the last couple months I have finished several clean-out-the-closet projects. There was a little sewing emergency. Back at Christmas I made a couple shirts for some terrific boys. The problem was that I made them so they were just the right size. Weeks later they had outgrown them and tragedy was at hand. I quickly whipped up1392745081187 some that would last a longer (read: a bit baggy.) You’ll notice that I used the Disney Airplanes fabric already. The boys were happy, disaster averted. Bonus: one extra shirt so one could be laundered while they were wearing the other. Yep. They were that popular. Best compliment ever.

I had a great time in Vegas with my daughter. The upgraded shirt was a winner. Plus I got my daughter to autograph my copy of her self published title. Pretty awesome stuff. You can get a copy of London’s book here20140111_214251


There was a baby shower for one of the flight instructors I work with…1395846892942which necessitated a trip the the fabric  store….1395535864137

I had these… but really needed these…

1395535882428 And there was a birthday too. 1397347400717


I tried my hand at making quick pickles…. very tasty.20140301_083319


I did go to work from time to time…139575437119020140107_072028crack of dawn at the airport.

And… saving the best or most exciting, (the thing that was wonderfully terrifying) I went to the Desert Dreams Writers Conference and pitched my book to an agent and an editor. They liked the pitch and both wanted to see it! I’m awaiting their response. Fingers crossed.

Confessions of a Fabric Addict

The good news is a new craft/hobby/fabric shop has opened in my neighborhood. It is a beautiful, clean, well organized and well stocked establishment full of friendly clerks. The bad news is a new craft/hobby/fabric shop has opened in my neighborhood.  This is somewhat akin to bringing home bags of chocolate treats and telling yourself you’ll have just one. With such a lovely shop in close proximity, it is hard to resist popping over for one or two things, then wandering through the rest of the store to admire the displays and “gather inspiration”.

So, there I was, on a short mission to find some polymer clay my sister and I have decided would be fun to dabble with… when I decided to stroll through the aisles, strictly for research and inspiration.  Well, you  can’t just avoid the entire fabric section, right? So, I included a saunter through the bolts and inspiration hit.

On my recent trip to Texas my daughter was lamenting the loss of a favorite tote. 20130713_142412Eventually they all wear out if you drag them around like we do, never changing purses. She was describing the perfect replacement, in case I should be so inclined to make one for her, while we admiring the works at the Dallas Museum of Art (Which has free general admission.) We saw these adorable pillows and decided that they would be an ideal style for a new bag.

So, there I was, minding my own business, petting every bolt of fabric as I slowly meandered through the aisles when what should I find?


Of course I had to have some to make a bag for my Daughter. Which I did, and it turned out beautifully. As soon as it arrives at her house, I’ll have her snap a picture to share. In my haste to fulfill my daughters every wish, oh that’s not true. Really, she asks for so little; a visit from me is really what she wanted (me too). The bag was my idea, because really, if your kids like anything you make, you want to make them anything. But I was happy to send it off and did forget to take a picture in my excitement.IMG_9241my lovely daughter with her tote.

Oh, and I also found this: 1374434787178

It’s so cute! and filled with nice little airplanes. I’ve already confessed my love of all things airplane, and most especially all things fabric and printed with airplanes.

Incidentally, I did go home with the clay as well.

Well, now I have plenty of projects to work on. Perhaps I shall get started on….

My Sister is a Clown

Seriously. My sister is a clown. She’s known as Lavender Lolly and she entertains youngsters and grown ups with fantastic face and body painting.



She also does theater make up, weddings and some scary special effect type make up. I’ve been a clown assistant (yes I make balloon animals… snake! worm! sword! eel! you get the idea) and occasional model. This was done for a competition. The jewels are all painted on.



Spoiler Alert! Lisa, if you don’t want to see your birthday present, please look no further!

I promise to get it into the mail very soon!

So I made a fabulous new tote bag for my amazing sister.

20130623_162402 20130623_162652


I quilted it with metallic thread, added glitter on the letters and of course sparkle trim. Really there is no such thing as too much glitter. Inside I added big pockets because it helps to be an organized clown.

20130623_120558 20130623_120522


I have several other projects in the works… details coming soon. Meanwhile I think a little trip to the craft/fabric store for some gold trim as I am short just that much for the next project.

I might be seeing a tad bit of a difference in the closet.

closet 6 24