Free Fabric!

Today I got busy on this crazy closet. After I pulled all of the fabric out, I sorted by color and project. Refolding and re-stacking really made a difference in space available. Frankly the new look makes me feel much better too.  It was disappointing to complete so many  projects with so little visual difference in the shelves.

This brings me to the real purpose of this post. I have a large flat rate USPS box full of fabric I would like to send to a good home. There will be a variety of things, bits and pieces, selveges, and yard goods. Not all items will be quilting fabrics.

If you are interested in this fabric please share my blog with your friends and leave me a comment about it.

I will ship the fabric Monday March 4th.



Goal For The Day

I have to confess to being a fabulous procrastinator. Anything I can put off, I probably will. So today, before I get too busy with the day, I shall tackle one small box in the cupboard.

This is a cupboard that send to have magical properties. It seems


the more projects I complete, the more the closet seems to not change a bit. Perhaps next on the list is refolding and restacking the fabric to eliminate the massive gaps that must be lurking where fabric was removed. It is possible.


Ta dah! The box is empty! Guess what I found… more fabric.

Baby Quilt, Empty Shelf, and a Trip to the Fabric Store


This week I finished a great baby quilt for Molly. Of course it’s a panel, two actually. Daddy and daughter will have some terrific times together “at the airport”.

Panels make a quick quilt with all the love of a pieced quilt; and they offer graphic detail difficult to  obtain in piecing.

Other big news, I moved some books from the shelf above, and have actually made some empty space in the  closet. I’m now planning to organize some of the piles from the bottom. Hopefully this will eliminate some junk and make the rest easier to find and use.


In other news….there was this need for white thread….. and a sale, plus a coupon….


I did manage to keep it to one small piece. Thread and buttons required for the next project.